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Compiled & Response


Compiled Data is general information that is gathered from sources such as the yellow pages, directories, and other public domains. Compiled Data usually offers basic demographic selects, such as gender, age, geography, etc… Each select that you choose allows you to target your demographic better. Most companies charge an additional fee for each select that you add, however Multimedia does not.

Compiled Data’s strength lies in the fact that there are many individuals who are interested in your services but have not yet taken action to express it. Also consider the individuals who do not yet know that they need your services. Plenty of consumers have identified a problem in their lives, but do not yet know what the solution to that problem may be. If you know which demographic selects make up your best customer, then compiled lists will enable you to reach those people, whether or not they previously realized that they might be in the market for your products or services. With compiled lists, you can solve people’s problems before they have even attempted to find a solution for themselves.

Consider using Compiled Data!

There is a good possibility that you may be wasting money on a higher priced response list that reaches an audience you could easily target with some savvy selecting, thus saving yourself some upfront costs.

Take advantage of Multimedia’s “No Cost for Selects” Compiled Data Service — if you are not sure of your target demographic or would like some help thinking out of the box, call us at 1-800-239-LIST (5478) and we are happy to assist – we have decades of experience looking at data and finding new customers for our clients!


Response Lists, consist of individuals who have taken a specific action to show interest in a product or service. These lists are usually based on previous buying history, subscriptions to newsletters or organizations, surveys and sweepstakes, and trade show or seminar attendance. Basically, Response Lists allow you to reach individuals who are already in the market for what you offer. They typically offer the highest quality leads. All of these individuals on these lists have expressed a need, either for your product, or for something that complements your product, and that is very valuable information. They allow you to more effectively tailor your offer based on the individual’s previous consumer behavior.

Typically, Response Lists are the more expensive of the two, however, at Multimedia we try to keep our response data prices as low as possible. To access information about the Response Lists that we manage, please click below.