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Multimedia will Clean-Up Your Customer or Prospect File &
Telemarketing Lists, Comply With Laws, and Save Money!

MML DATA RX To The Rescue!

Multimedia is uniquely positioned to help maximize your marketing success. Our Proprietary Postal Optimization Software is certified to ensure accurate address information. It has been developed and maintained for over 25 years.

High Speed Telemarketing Data Solutions for Businesses

Duplicate names on your customer file are a source of confusion and a waste of marketing dollars. Our Analytical Merge/Purge has the ability to clean-up your customer or prospect file based on individual names, addresses, phone numbers and more. In short, we take the Privacy worry out of your hands for both your Telemarketing and Direct Mailing campaigns. We maintain and update the various state Do-Not-Call lists, the DMA Telephone Preference Service (TPS) file and the DMA Pander File. These records are suppressed automatically to ensure that your marketing efforts conform to all Federal and State legislation.

Privacy Services / FTC DNC (Do Not Call) Suppression

Privacy has been a frequently debated topic these days. Complying with the legislative changes is a task that demands a lot of time and effort. As a responsible and renowned company that offers telemarketing data solutions for small businesses, MML B2B telemarketing data solutions eliminate all worrying aspects involved with privacy. Our high speed telemarketing data solutions for businesses focus on maintaining and updating the DMA pander file, DMA TPS file, different state Do-Not-Call Lists and National FTC Do-Not-Call file in an efficient way. In order to make sure that your business meets all State and Federal legislation, our high quality telemarketing data service for businesses suppress these records in an automatic way.

NCOALink 18 Month/DPV

We are a non-exclusive licensee for the USPS ™ Limited Service Provider NCOALink. In addition to 18 months of Move Update information and USPS™ Return Codes, we are pleased to offer DPV as part of our standard NCOALink offering. Over 40 million Americans change addresses annually. NCOALink 18 Month matches mailing list addresses to 18 months of change of address information for families, individuals and businesses. This data is updated weekly.

NCOALink 48 Month / DMA / LACSLink / DPV™

We offer the DMA Mail Preference Service suppression flag, LACSLink updates, and DPV as part of our standard NCOALink offering. Over 40 million Americans change addresses annually. Move48 (NCOALink) matches mailing list addresses to 48 months of change of address information for families, individuals and businesses.

Address Processing

Processing addresses help to verify whether or not an address is an actual valid one. On average, our processed addresses will code 3.96% of a file as bad / non-deliverable addresses.


LACSLink Corrects address lists for areas that have undergone permanent address conversion. The LACSLink database consists of address conversions that the USPS ™ has obtained and verified, primarily a result of 911 address conversions.


Using an EXACT address database from the USPS™, DSF2 verifies whether or not an address is an actual valid address.

Address Element Correction AEC

(AEC Address Element Correction): Takes the addresses and adds the address element(s) to make them deliverable addresses. On average, AEC will update 1.53% of a file.

Zip+4 Standardization

Postal address standardization (also known as address validation/verification) is the process used to check the validity and deliverability of a physical mailing address (a process recommended by the USPS).

Standardization converts an address to a standard format by correcting the address, if possible, and adding missing information, such as a ZIP code, to produce a complete address containing a street address, city, state, and ZIP code.

DataRx Phantom Finder – Patented process!

Phantom Finder uses a “Patented” method of identifying the phantom records (bogus records) in your marketing database. These records can many times be less than ideal candidates to respond to a direct mail campaign.

Through our proprietary negative merge/purge process Data Rx Phantom Finder can identify and flag prospects that are not “who they appear” to be.

With direct mail expenses continuing to increase and with mail security becoming a prevalent issue, it makes more sense than ever to direct your mailing efforts to the “right person”.

Data Rx Phantom Finder matches against the highest quality aggregated multi-sourced consumer database in the industry, ConsumerInsight. Multimedia can add that missing ingredient —Confidence— to your direct mail campaign. Consider this an essential component for any size or type of direct mail campaign. Offered exclusively from Multimedia.

Deceased Suppression

Sending direct mail to the recently deceased adds insult to injury for the remaining members of a household. For others, it can create active hostility toward your company. It is a common complaint and it is impossible to quantify the emotional distress suffered by the surviving members of the family and/or friends.

Not only is this practice bad manners, but it is also bad for business. These useless mailings are not just a waste of time and money, but are also a hindrance to your company’s reputation. We can help you to identify deceased customers/prospects using our database of over 36 million records. Multimedia can screen your entire file instantly and remove or flag those records.