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Phone Appends

Landline & Cell Phone Append & Verification Services

Multimedia LIST’S MOBILE AND LANDLINE Phone Append & Verification Services are the BEST in the industry.

Reliable and Efficient Information
As a reliable high speed phone appends service for businesses, MML makes use of a single file created using several national databases to deliver the most eligible information and phone numbers available.

Timely Delivery
We promise and deliver on time in a responsible way. On-time performance and delivery are of critical importance in direct marketing. We never delay things to cause inconvenience.

Reliable and Precise Reporting
The append reports of Multimedia Lists comprise of a state-wise report with all numbers of records explored and identified.

Tailoring the Quantity and Quality of Numbers Using Confidence Codes
The quality and quality of the returned numbers can be customized using our confidence codes.

Efficient Storage of Do Not Call Files including State DNC and FTC
Being an efficient and trusted high speed phone appends service for businesses, MML stores all “Do-Not-Call” files including Privacy Advocate, State Specific and FTC.

Verifying Process
A client’s list for phone number matches can be flagged with the help of the Phone Number Verification option. The file of the client needs to have a phone number, and it should be defined in the definition of the file. In order to treat a phone number as verified, the entire number including the area code has to match.

High Speed Phone Appends Service for Businesses

The Telephone Landline/Cell Phone Append & Verification Process

The volume and quality of our phone append processing is unrivaled!

Step by Step Process:

Step 1

Records are processed against four of the largest compiled databases in the country, and can now include Cellular Telephone Numbers. After the records are run through the initial append process, the non-matched records move on to step 2 of the phone append & verify process.

Step 2

The non-matched records through our Directory Assistance phone append database. This database, updated weekly, consists of every household and business in the US. From this file, we carry up to 7 numbers per record, helping to increase matches on the verification process.

Step 3 

The third step runs all non-matched records through our Daily New Connects and Disconnects.  Match rates are typically lower from the third pass, however these records are the freshest and most up to date.

Contact a sales representative for additional questions and pricing on our phone append and verify services. We will be happy to assist you with a FREE phone append and / or verify test, along samples of any of our reports.

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