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Business Marketing Data That Works Overtime, So You Don’t Have To

In a world where we are surrounded by data it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Every human and business alike leaves behind a digital footprint. Our success at Multimedia is in our ability to effectively compile data, and more importantly, make profound sense of it.

Historically, B2B marketers have experienced difficulty finding business data with the same degree of accuracy, completeness and reliability as consumer data (B2C), particularly when executing multichannel campaigns. We are here to bust that myth! Yes, there are challenges to working with B2B records, and we rise to every one of them!

Sit Back, Relax, Let Us Do What We Do Best — Business Marketing Data

Across 17 million distinct companies, Multimedia holds our B2B data to the same high standards as our consumer records. Our hybrid file delivers the industry’s most accurate postal, email and phone data, as well as dozens of selects including firmographic and contact-level demographics to improve targeting. All of of the available information is cross-checked, verified and analyzed, helping us to build a clear, accurate, holistic picture of the total available audience.

The results allow us to create effective marketing and ad campaigns based on that highly accurate intelligence, using precisely the right channels. Our focus on contact accuracy is unparalleled — locating the best possible business contact, then using a double validation process that begins with physical location. It’s B2B data you can rely on, from the experts who know B2B like nobody’s business.


  • 17 million distinct companies
  • 28 million individual postal addresses
  • 104 million USA records with email addresses and matching postal address
  • 104 million USA records with business phone numbers

B2B Data Quality

B2B marketers face many challenges that are in and of themselves very different than businesses whose marketing focus is B2C. The first thing that you will notice is the business name and other contact information contains many more fields than what B2C based marketers are charged with managing. Business contact information represents not only an individual person at a particular address or location but will also include the company name, professional title, departments, divisions, the address, and potentially other data items. Bottom line, more info to manage. The good news is that if you know how to do it right, more information just helps to build a better picture of each customer.

Effective B2B marketing programs are directly tied to the time and investment made in support of B2B data quality. Yes, we have added challenges due to not only additional fields but data entry issues, sourcing issues, competency issues, and data expiration issues. The good news is that we are getting better at manipulating data every day. We remain on the cutting edge and keep our standards high by using the remarkable technologies that are available to us.

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