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New & Improved Demographic Lifestyle Categories



Learn more about your customers by enhancing your customer database with current information that will help you increase the effectiveness and success of your targeted marketing efforts. Match your database against the nation’s largest and most comprehensive consumer database, ConsumerInsight. This file consists of 245 million individuals and 120 million households nationwide.


Who are your current customers? The more you know about them, the better you can tailor your message to them. We’ll match your customer list to our national consumer database of over 245 million records (we have over 740 demographic and psychographic elements).

The result is a professional and unique report. Analyzing elements such as Age, Income, Ethnicity, Occupation, Marital Status, and Gender gives you a tailor-made profile of your best customers. This analysis compares your customer data to the larger population in the same area. It analyzes a number of demographic and psychographic characteristics, determining which ones seem to differentiate your customers. The process provides an even closer insight into your customer base and helps you define the narrative in your campaigns, speaking directly to your ideal customer.

Additionally, You are then able to leverage this information when making list rental and marketing decisions for your direct mail and direct response marketing campaigns.


Learn more about your customers by enhancing your customer database with current information that will help you increase the effectiveness and success of your target marketing efforts. Match your database against the nation’s largest and most comprehensive consumer database, ConsumerInsight. This file consists of 245 million individuals and 120 million households nationwide.

Adding intelligence (missing information) to customer and prospect records is by far the easiest way to more effectively and accurately target and segment your consumers. Using our Data appending and enhancement service allows you to find new ways to communicate with your consumers (email, phones, online targeting, postal mail) and learn key behavioral as well as demographic attributes to segment and provide more relevant offers. 

Over 740 Available Demographic Elements

Psychographics, Email, and lifestyle elements available for append, you can understand the household income, age, occupation, education levels, presence of children and lifestyle characteristics of your customers. 

Appending demographics, behavioral and mortgage information gives you the clearest picture of who your customers really are and allows you to market to them the proper way. 

Average Demographic Append Matching Percentage Varies depending on the accuracy of the names on your list. Your record must match our database record exactly, otherwise no match will be given. The average percentage appended is 60 to 70 percent, depending on the variables selected.

(Running some form of address verification and standardization, such as CASS, NCOALink, DSF, and DPV may improve the append percentage and is recommended before processing your list.)

High Speed B2B Data Appending Services

B2B & B2C Email Append

Multimedia specializes in providing you the most accurate email append and verification services.

“Email Appending” defined.

An email append is simply a process of adding (appending) an email address to a list of names and addresses. A list of customers or prospects that is comprised of businesses or residential addresses.

We match your data is against a number of nationwide postal and email files. Hundreds of millions of records go into the match process. When we find a match, we’ll add the email to your file. We can append both business and residential files. 

Email Appending is direct, quantifiable and instant, It allows you to market to your customers or prospects different ways. Multimedia helps you enhance your data intelligence, meaning we not only provide you with an email address, we can also provide you with knowledge to further target and implement a successful e-marketing campaign.  

1. Getting Started
A list of customer names is required for us to begin the entire process. As one of the best B2B data appending services online, Multimedia Lists (MML) perform various levels of matching according to the nature of your data. Postal addresses and names are needed for a residential list. When it comes to the matching of business emails, we will need the names and addresses of the companies. As a competent data appending service, we can deal with almost all data formats. Your doubts and concerns or formatting can be cleared by giving us a call. We will explain to you the whole process. In order to protect your privacy effectively, we keep your information within our “in-house” data center in a safe, secure and responsible way.

2. Hygiene and Standardize Process
As one of the most trusted B2B phone appends services, MML offers the most efficient match rate for our customers. It is being done by performing the cleaning and standardizing your customer database. All duplicate records are eliminated and your data is run through certain quality postal address cleaning processes such as USPS MML Certification. This method of approach results in improved match rate and makes the append process more effective and accurate.

3. Best Matching and Appending Process
Two important aspects help our append and verify processes stand taller among competitors and they include highly efficient multi-sourcing and excellent data quality. Offering positive as well as negative identifications to our match logic, MML detects the right prospect with the correct email address on a household or individual level.

Being a high speed data appending service for businesses, we utilize a wide range of algorithms and domain matches for our business email appends to retain unparalleled match quality.

4. Opt-In Permission Message and Confirmation
After performing the records matching process, MML sends an opt-in permission message to the email addresses on your behalf. It is being done to reassure deliver-ability and availability to market.

5.) Organizing Outcomes from Permission Pass
It is the phase of deleting hard and soft-bounce emails that are undelivered. The process of flagging for the opt-out respondents is also done.

6.) Last Standardization and Quality Check Process
As a responsible and reliable B2B data appending services online, we leave nothing to guesswork. MML sends the final file containing all deliverable email addresses. For future use, suppression opt-out file records are also sent to you.

7. New Marketing Emails Delivery
MML gives you back the original file containing the email addresses of new customers being appended at the end of each record.

Telephone/Cell Phone Append Process

The volume and quality of our phone append processing is unrivaled! After the records are processed against the landline and/or cellular telephone databases, the non-matched records move on to the “Second Pass” of the phone append / cell phone append / verify process.

In the second pass, we run the non-matched records through our Directory Assistance phone append database. This database, updated weekly, consists of every household and business in the US. From this file, we carry up to 7 numbers per record, helping to increase matches on the verification process.

The third step runs all non-matched records through our Daily New Connects and Disconnects.  Match rates are typically lower from the third pass, however these records are the freshest and most up to date.